School is closed for observance of Labor Day on September 1st, 2014.

Full day classes  (8 am until 4 pm) with breakfast and lunch begin on Tuesday September 2nd

*** Students can arrive as early as 7 am, and are marked late if arriving at or after 8 am.

Dual Enrollment Program

Congratulations, 6th Grade Students & Biology Students.


  M.E.T.S. CS     Jersey City     State of NJ  
  NJ ASK Math   91% 59% 79%
NJ Biology 62% 23% 59%


The mission of M.E.T.S. Charter School is to attain high academic achievement in the areas of Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science to all students starting in grades 6 - 12. It is our belief that these skills amalgamated together will prepare our students to meet the needs of the 21st Century global market.

For the 2014-2015 school year, we are accepting applications for grades 6th through 12th. If you want your child to attend M.E.T.S. Charter High School, he or she must enroll now in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade as our each year the students move up a grade.

Don't miss an opportunity to be at one of the only charter schools in Jersey city that has a high school.

To register now, parents/guardians must:

  • Download, print and complete the registration form.
  • Fax the form and proof of residency to (201) 526-7630.
  • or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please call (201) 526-8500 if you have any questions. 

If the number of applicants does not exceed the number of vacancies at the end of each session, the applicants will be registered. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, lotteries will be held. Students who are not selected by the lotteries will be placed on wait lists. 

Thank you.